April 25 & 26
King David High School drama production
For information and tickets: www.kdhs.org or call: 604-263-9700

April 27

For information and tickets email: streetrichvancity@gmail.com or call 604-441-8205 OR visit: www.projectsoul.ca

April 29
Russian Community Centre Orchestra

For information and tickets: www.russiancentrevancouver.org or email: therocket@telus.net or call 778-868-1753

May 5 & 6
Vancouver Performing Stars

For information and tickets visit: www.performingstars.ca or call: 604-671-3775 or email: info@performingstars.ca

May 10
Fraser Academy student concert

For or information and tickets visit: www.fraseracademy.ca or call: 604 736 5575

May 11
BC Cancer forum

For information visit: www.bccancer.bc.ca or call 604-877-6000 ext 676123

May 12
A-Star Boogaloo year end dance recital

For information and tickets visit: www.boogalooacademy.com or call 604-805-0558

May 13
The JCC's Festival Ha'Rikud!

For information and tickets visit: www.jccgv.com or call the Reception Desk @ 604-257-5111

May 14
BC Chinese Music Association

For information and tickets email: mail@bccma.net or visit: www.bccma.net or call: 604-327-8807

May 19
WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society

For information and tickets visit: www.wsisc.com or call: 778-863-5828

May 20
Aleph in the Tri-Cities Society Israeli Canadian Culture Club

For information and tickets: Direct: 604-945-6249 alephintc@yahoo.com

May 23
Canadian Tourism College Graduation

For information visit: www.tourismcollege.com or call: 604-736-8000

May 25
Feng Feng Performance & Education Academy/Vancouver Model & Performance Arts Academy

For information email: info@fengfengperformance.com or call: Tel: 604-285-5855

May 26 and 27
Vancouver Cantonese Opera

For information visit: www.vancanopera.com or call: 604-764-8181 or email: vancanopera@gmail.com

May 29 to June 2
Westside Dance Centre year end recital

For information and tickets visit: www.westsidedance.ca or call: 604-736-1000 or email: info@westsidedance.ca